About Us

Celiksan | One Logistic, One Supplier, One Brand

We are Celiksan

Celiksan has been working to provide only the highest quality products since its founding. We also work with all our strength in order to remain strong at critical points such as fire fighting.

Mission & Vision


To give service to our customers by wide range of products based on knowledge and experience of our company that serves in Turkey more than 30 years. With the principle of reliability and honesty, to support our customers, standing by them whenever they need. By our quality and fast selling web, to give the best and the fastest service to our customers. To add value to our business partners, shareholders and workers. To contribute to growing of the sector.


To be a global company, that is among the world’s leading firms, growing continuously with technological innovations, manufaturing goods according to expactations of customers, pleasing its customers and workers by enriching them and profitable to its country and society.