CRE 40-50-60
CRE 40-50-60

CRE 40-50-60

Innovative body design that ensures ease of installation.
-20, +50 degree vertical direction moving hose monitoring system
Operates with water and foam
Installation design applicable to all areas
Ability to work with different types of hoses
Sheet metal and aluminum housing options
Multi-purpose (manual, electric) mechanical brake fixing
Type CRE Series
Design A Low-Volume Structure with an Internal Motor Less Space-Consuming Design
Working Pressure 40 bar - 55 bar
Electrical System 12-24 V DC
Operating Temperature 5°C/ 2,5”
Normal Pressure -15°C/ +55°C
Water Inlet/Outlet 1”, 3/4”, 11/2
Tracking Location Automatic Motion Tracking
Material Corrosion-Resistant Sheet Metal and Aluminum