Sirius Tower
Sirius Tower

Sirius Tower

It is the new product line of Çeliksan company. This series, which is one of the world's market cornerstones, provides a service that never disappoints by providing unparalleled performance in the segment of telescopic robotic lighting developed through research and development studies, where competition is at the highest level with its modern lines.

Highly capable electric and air controlled robotic lighting
Lightweight aluminum body design, durable construction
12 and 24 V operating options
Operation via internal wired and remote control
Vertical 90 degree, horizontal 180 degree operation ability
Self-stand-by feature
Easy and fast installation, applicability in all fields
The ability to turn the lights in the desired direction thanks to the octopus-head feature
Controlled self-reset feature (automatic position)
Durable air tightness, seal system
Air intake and stabilization and overpressure relief valve
Connection equipments (foots, fixing bracelet, etc.)
SIRIUS TOWER 1.8 2.5 3
Height (mm) 1.800 2.500 3.000
Weight (kg)      
Automatic Shutdown Y Y Y
Full Complement Opening Time (sec) 10-35 10-37 10-39
Number of Lamps      
Type of Lamps Led Led Led
Luminous Intensity (Lumens) Will Change 30k 30k
Upright and Angular Lamp Positioning Y Y Y Opt.
Independent Movement of Each Lamp Opt. Opt. Opt.
VDc/Watt 12 12 12
Wind Resistance (km/h) 80 80 80
Cylindrical Clearance Lamp Opt. Opt. Opt.
Camera System Opt. Opt. Opt.
Wireless Control Opt. Opt. Opt.
Horizontal/Vertical Positioning      

Y: Yes Opt.: Optional H: Horizontal Type k: x1000 L: Led T: Horizontal-Upright Type